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Frequently asked questions

Why is tutoring beneficial?

Tutoring is a service we offer as we believe that is benefits an individual who may be struggling with not only classroom work, but also one who is lacking the ability to excel.

Our services provide, one-on-one, in-home tutoring to assist in any educational needs.

We also believe that tutoring isn’t only about excelling in educational needs, but also educational barriers such as; social and cultural barriers, emotional barriers, confidence barriers, motivational barriers and the list goes on!

We work very closely with all our kids to ensure they get the assistance they are after!

What subjects does Smart Start Learning have to offer?

The team at Smart Start Learning cater for children in Kindergarten right through to year 12!

We aid in English, Mathematics, Home-schooling and we work with all different agencies to assist those with a learning difficulty.

Are your services a lock in contract?

We do not require any money before a lesson has been completed.

However, some clients and agencies prefer to bulk book and pay for lessons in advance which is also an option we do have.

Do we provide everything?

Often, parents ask if they need to provide supplies and resources for our lessons.

The answer is no. We provide all resources and supplies, from a pencil right through to the correct worksheet needed for homework.

However, if the child is completing school homework we do ask them to provide us the correct document or link to what we will be covering within the lesson so it can be completed.

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