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Place Cards

  1. Hunter
  2. Secret
  3. Lemon
  4. Aloud
  5. Allowed
  6. Picnic 

7. Brake 

8. Break

9. Graceful

10. Inventor

11. Answer the following questions that relate to the passage below.

People from all over the world like the taste of chocolate. Chocolate is a refreshment that many people enjoy as a dessert or snack. Did you ever grab a chocolate bar at the store when you were checking out groceries with your mum or dad? Did you ever buy a chocolate bar at the gas station when your parents stopped to buy gas? Did you ever get to pick out a chocolate candy bar at a basketball game or a soccer game?

The following answers will vary.

  • What are the language choices in this text?

Questioning personal experiences, persuasive, opinionative.

B) Who would be an appropriate audience for this text and why?

Kids in primary schools who are learning how to read.

C) Is this text written as past, present or future tense?

This text is written in past tense. We are asking for you to share personal experiences throughout your life, revolving around chocolate

12. Match each numbered photo to the correct step below.

Mix the dry ingredients 1

Mix the wet ingredients 3

Combine wet and dry ingredients 2

Continue to stir 5

Allow to cool before kneading 4

13. When shown a following flashcard, express your emotions when seeing the image and explain why you felt the way you did.


The following answers will vary.

Image 1 - I felt really calm and relaxed because when you are in a library it is a space for you to read and gin knowledge on different genres.

Image 2 - This photo makes me feel confident, as this photo is showing a person voicing their opinion no matter what and feeling confident about it. 

Image 3 - I feel really overwhelmed, as this photo shows the person having to many things to do then exploding from stress and lack of time.

Image 4 - This photo bring joy to my emotions as this person looks free and is enjoying what life brings their way.

14. Read the following passage and correct any errors you are able to pick up on. 

On Sunday, Taylor went over to Sally’s house to play dolls together. They played in Taylor’s room and in the dollhouse. Sally had 5 dolls of her own that she had brought over to Taylors and taylor had 4 dolls of her own to. After the girls finished playing dolls, they went to the kitchen to go get something to eat.


15. Relating to the following nouns below. Place them in the correct column.

Hospital, Rachael, Truck, Water, Sally, Watermelon, McDonalds, School, Robert, Toothpaste, Guitar, Lachlan, Library, Football oval, Matthew.


16. Looking at the following passage below out of the book Diary Of The Wimpy Kid: The last Straw (Book 3), answer the following questions


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