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  1. Animal
  2. Thought
  3. Listening
  4. Starfish
  5. Antelope
  6. Finished

7. Accommodate

8. Kindness

9. Considered

10. Exaggerate

11. Answer the following questions looking at the magazine articles below:

  • news headlines created the magazines?

No.1 For Celebrity News Star and Nature & Health

b) State the direct and indirect words below.

Direct: Disaster, Protect, Eat well, Stay Well, Can’t stop, Nature, Health, Star, Left.

Indirect: Brain Fog, Protect your heart, jeopardy

12. The table below is in relation to question 11:

  • List the similarities and differences between the two articles above.

b) Pick one of the following articles above and write a short paragraph about it.

Answers are subject to be different, let students be creative and mark accordingly. 

13. Re read this article and correct any grammatical errors shown:


Walking through the forest, near her window in Lalor, Jade could smell all the wonders of spring in the air with white flowers blooming and pine needles heavy with rain. It was a fresh morning, and there was a rough wind coming through that night.

14. Find two synonyms for each of the following words, that are linked to the above article

15. List four different homophone sets below as shown:

They’re, their, there

Answers will vary

4 potential answers

Pair, pear 

Pale, pail

Flour, flower

Stair, stare

16. Write a short narrative that includes the following sentence starter below:

I found a strange package by the door…

Answers are subject to be different, let students be creative and mark accordingly.




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