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Teacher’s Guidance 
This pretest is designed for students in Foundation to assess how well they have understood the content of English curriculum for Pre- Foundation. The question numbers and flash cards are directly linked with the Victorian Curriculum ID for the content descriptors and can be found in the table below. The Australian Curriculum does not include Pre- Foundation level, therefore this Pre- Test will be guided by the standard outlined in the Victorian Curriculum standards.
  1. And
  1. Was
  1. To
  2. That
  1. You
  2. Get

7. Looking at the image below, answer the following questions provided.
  • What colours and shapes do you see above?

Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, Orange, Brown, Purple.

Shapes: Circles, Rectangles, Ovals, Triangles.

b) What comes to mind when looking at this image?

Answers may vary:

  • Caterpillar moving
  • Caterpillar in the sun

8. Identify and describe each image provided

a) McDonald 

Possible outcomes will vary:

  • Burger
  • Fries
  • Happy meal
  • Toy
  • Playground
  • Cash register
  • Tables and chairs
  • Birthday party

    Possible outcomes will vary:

    • Burger: Bread with filling
    • Fries: Chips
    • Happy meal: Tasty with chips, nuggets
    • Playground: Playing with friends
    • Cash register: Where you buy your food
    • Tables and chairs: Where you sit to play
    • Birthday party: Full of fun and presents

      Possible outcomes will vary:

      • Bone
      • Mud
      • Dog
      • Other pet
      • Friend
      • Person

     Possible outcomes will vary:

  •   Bone: Something a dog may eat
  • Mud: Dogs roll around and dig in it
  • Person: Draws person to show relation to pet
  • Other pet: Shows friend of dog

    Possible outcomes will vary:

    • Teachers
    • Students
    • Classmates
    • Playground
    • Homework
    • Playing with friends 

      Possible outcomes will vary:

      • Teachers: Teach you topics and learn
      • Classmates: People you share your work space with
      • Playground: Catch up with friends
      • Homework: Work given by teachers to do at home
      • Playing with friends: Creating games 
      • Possible outcomes will vary:

        1. -          Teachers: Teach you topics and learn
        2. -          Classmates: People you share your work space with
        3. -          Playground: Catch up with friends
        4. -          Homework: Work given by teachers to do at home
        5. -          Playing with friends: Creating game

.    9.   Explain why rubbish bins are important.

Answers may vary:

  • Rubbish bins help us stay clean
  • Rubbish bins keep the school grounds clean


10. What would happen if we didn’t have rubbish bins?

Answers may vary:

  • School would be dirty
  • Animals can die by eating rubbish
  • People can slip on wrappers


11. Match the number to the correct statement.
    Can I buy a dog?     I would like to buy a dog 1
 What time is it?       It is 3 ’o clock. 2
Can I have my iPad?    I have my iPad 3

12. Write your name below:

Answers will vary

14a. Connect the following images to the correct step using